The Gender Reveal Party Video

I'm excited to announce you can now watch THE GENDER REVEAL PARTY at home!

Many of you supported me on the journey and wanted to see the final show but couldn't be there, so I hired a videographer to film one of the live performances from last fall to share with everyone. I'm so excited for you to see this one-human show about my life growing up in Kansas and my journey through all the boxes we use to contain sex, gender, and sexuality.

Rent the video and watch it as many times as you want for 48 hours. 

To celebrate the premiere, it's now only $10 (regular price $14.95)

Please also share this with anyone you think would benefit from hearing the message of my story! I want to reach as many people as possible. I'm proud of the work and grateful for your help along the way.

The Story

I’m Jay Pryor and The Gender Reveal Party is the story of my life, from the time I was born a little girl to this gorgeous figure you see today. From my first discovery of a butch dyke community to my experiences as an undercover white guy, I share tales of growing up in the roughest part of Kansas and finding my way back home, both to a city in the Midwest and to my own body and identity. After 27 years of LGBTQ education, activism, and sharing my heart - hoping to love the transphobia and homophobia out of you! - today I’m telling it down and dirty, raw and real, while still sharing in the fun and silliness along the way. 

Part stand-up, part storytelling theater, 100% authentic, vulnerable, and funny....welcome to The Gender Reveal Party!

The Gender Reveal Party

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Where ever you are in your knowledge and feelings about gender. The Gender Reveal Party will move you forward in ways you never expected.
M. Leon
The Gender Reveal Party is one of the most transformative events I’ve ever attended. It’s laugh out loud funny and leaves you in tears.
D. Silver
One of the most beautiful stories I have ever heard, Thank you for your intense vulnerability.
B. Spielman


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