Happiness and Productivity Workout

Causing fulfillment in your life

In Jay Pryor’s signature process and book “Lean Inside” they utilize mindfulness and neuroscience to create powerful understanding of human response systems and the emotional intelligence required to be successful. In this video workshop Jay will walk you through the Happiness and Productivity Workout; the signature tool they use in their own life and with clients to maintain and gauge their current level of well-being within their busy lives. In just 40 minutes you will be able to gauge your progress and recommit to causing fulfillment in your life. 

Jay’s light-hearted approach makes practical transformation fun and accessible. As they share their heart and expertise you will come away awake to your own power, educated on practical tools for implementation, and inspired to take action. 


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Meet Jay Pryor

Jay Pryor

Jay Pryor

Executive Coach

Nothing is more powerful than leading by example, and Jay Pryor is a living example of the power of possibility in transforming your life. Born female, Jay transitioned to male after 35 years of living life as a woman. Living as a gender non-conforming person grants them truly unique insight into how differently women experience the world versus men, the challenges that the LGBT+ community face daily and how those challenges translate to the work force.  

Jay is a speaker, executive coach and facilitator of corporate trainings and workshops around the world. They are a transgender and gender non-conforming advocate and educator for inclusivity and gender consciousness. They also serve as the co-host of Doing the Work with Jay and Becca, a weekly podcast devoted to awakening people to their own power to transform their lives. Jay is the author of the acclaimed book, Lean Inside: 7 Steps to Personal Power: A Practical Guide to Transformation for Women. Jay lives with their wife Jessica and their two children in Lawrence, Kansas.